[Bioperl-l] Cleanup of BioPerl distribution website

Chris Fields cjfields at uiuc.edu
Sun Sep 17 00:13:19 UTC 2006

There was a post on list recently about problems using the newer PPM  
GUI that comes with ActivePerl 5.8.819 (it wanted to downgrade all  
installed prereq modules already installed).  I haven't tried it  
myself.  I did find that the newer bioperl PPM (v. 1.5) didn't show  
up when I last used the command-line PPM for ActivePerl 5.8.817, so  
maybe package.lst needs to be updated.

We can probably leave the PPM related stuff for now.  I'm not sure  
whether anyone would be interested in having access to the older ones  
but we could probably make them available in the sub directory with a  
modified package.lst.

We'll try getting a PPM for Windows for the next developer release  
and add it then.


On Sep 16, 2006, at 4:03 PM, Nathan S. Haigh wrote:

> Mauricio Herrera Cuadra wrote:
>> Chris,
>> I've done the initial moves and created new signature files for each
>> directory. Currently I've doubts on what to do with the following  
>> files:
>> - Bioperl.ppd            (what does this stands for?)
>> - GD-SVG-0.25-ppm.tar.gz (where does this came from?)
>> - GD-SVG.ppd             (where does this came from?)
>> - bioperl-1.5-ppm.tar.gz (1.5.0 or 1.5.1 release?)
>> - package.lst            (still in use? needs updating? be  
>> splitted into
>>                            corresponding subdirectories?)
>> Cheers,
>> Mauricio.
> Bioperl.ppd and bioperl-1.5-ppm.tar.gz are the files required for  
> users
> wishing to install Bioperl 1.5 via ppm (i.e. mainly windows users).  
> The
> same is true for GD-SVG* files which allow these users to install this
> module which if i remember correctly is required by  
> Bio::Graphics::*. If
> i do remember correctly, this package wasn't available in any of the
> standard ppm repositories so was created just for the windows ppm  
> users.
> They should probably be kept where they are at least until newer
> releases are created for these two modules.
> I think package.lst is required by the ppm software to identify the
> packages in the current directory/repository. This should be  
> updated to
> contain only those packages in the same directory as this file. A new
> one then probably needs to be created for the old_releases directory.
> Someone may have a better idea of this, especially since ActiveState
> have been updating the ppm software etc, so feel free to correct me if
> needs be!
> Cheers
> Nathan
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