[Bioperl-l] Calpha to Co-ordinates Program

Shameer Khadar shameer at ncbs.res.in
Sat Feb 4 10:15:33 UTC 2006

Dear All,

Any one is aware of a perl script / Bio::PERL module that can be used to
construct full atomic coordinates of a protein from a given C(alpha) trace
and optimizes side chain geometry.

I tried the original program Maxsprout from Holms Group, But it is not
giving me proper results (am getting errors like segmentation fault -
backbonchain failed etc.)

Since I need to use as a part of a webs server - I would appreciate if any
one could let me know about a perl script for the same.

Thanks and cheers in advance,
Mr. Shameer Khadar (JRF)
Dr. R. Sowdhamini's Lab (# 25) The Computational Biology Group
National Centre for Biological Sciences (TIFR)
UAS - GKVK Campus - Bellary Road Bangalore - 65 - Karnataka - India
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F - 91-080-23636662/23636675
W - http://www.ncbs.res.in
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