[Bioperl-l] coordinate issue with Bio::SearchIO::psl

Elliott H Margulies elliott at nhgri.nih.gov
Tue Mar 23 13:36:32 EST 2004

Dear BioPerl Developers:

I have been evaluating the use of BioPerl for parsing BLASTZ lav
output. To do this, I convert the lav output to 'psl' format with Jim
Kent's lavToPsl program.

When I report some stats about the alignments from within BioPerl, I
notice that lengths and stop positions are 1 *greater* than they should

I'm pretty sure this is a reflection of the fact that psl output is in
the infamous half-open zero-based coordinate system and not simply
zero-based closed intervals.

Please let me know how I can help facilitate this fix, if it is in fact
confirmed to be true.


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