[Bioperl-l] Can't run bioperl from java

mpjfb at usc.es mpjfb at usc.es
Mon Mar 22 04:08:21 EST 2004

I don't know if this is of topic but I have some problems trying to run Bioperl
from Java.
My problem comes as follows:
I wrote a perl script tha perform multiple blast alignments and parses them.
As this programs needs to be run in text mode (and it can be really painfull
when you have to add many arguments) I decided to write a GUI using JAVA.
When I run my perl script directly it works fine and if I run other perl scripts
(that don't use bioperl) from the GUI everything works fine.
Does anyone have any advice of what can be the problem???? I thought that it can
be some error with my bioperl install (I move from OSX 10.1 to 10.3).
Any help would be apprecited.
thanks a lot, Julio

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