[Bioperl-l] msf output

Wes Barris wes.barris at csiro.au
Tue Feb 17 20:56:04 EST 2004


Msf files produced by StackPACK have coordinates listed above each
group of sequence data.  Bioperl msf files do not have this.  I have
tested a one-line addition that would fix this:

         while( $count < $length ) {
             # there is another block to go!
+           $self->_print (sprintf("%22s%-27d%27d\n",' ',$count+1,$count+50));
             foreach $name  ( @arr ) {
                 $self->_print (sprintf("%-20s  ",$name));

If there is a more formal way of submitting suggestions, please let
me know.
Wes Barris
E-Mail: Wes.Barris at csiro.au

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