[Bioperl-l] tigr.pm

matthieu CONTE m_conte at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 10 05:49:43 EST 2004

I am trying to load tigr rice data in my biosql db with the 
load_seqdatabase.pl using the lastest tigr parser on the CVS.
I still have the same problem with null field


perl load_seqdatabase.pl --dbuser biosql --dbpass biosql --namespace 
tigr_arath --format tigr 
/home/conte/pipeline_orthologues/data/arath_tigr/CHR1.R5v01212004.xml ...

-------------------- WARNING ---------------------
MSG: insert in Bio::DB::BioSQL::LocationAdaptor (driver) failed, values were 
("130","2000","","1") FKs (16962,<NULL>)
Column 'strand' cannot be null

m_conte at hotmail.com

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