[Bioperl-l] RE: BioPAN

Steve Mathias smathias at unm.edu
Wed Jun 25 12:14:00 EDT 2003

>>>>> "Nat" == Nathan \(Nat\) Goodman <Nathan> writes:

Nat> Hi Folks There seems to be an emerging consensus on two points:

Nat> 1) It would be good to recast the debate in a balanced technical
Nat> form.  The exact form is yet to be determined.  One possibility
Nat> would be to think of this as a technical evaluation of BioPerl –
Nat> the good, the bad, and the ugly.  I’d recommend starting with the
Nat> good, since even the most critical users are _users_ -- we use
Nat> BioPerl because it has so much good stuff.

Nat> 2) It would be useful to set up a BioPerl CPAN, or at least to do
Nat> some initial design work for this.

Nat> Hilmar suggested that I take the lead and lay out the principles
Nat> along which to populate BioPAN, and I'm happy to do so.

Nat> Would someone else be willing to take the lead on the technical
Nat> evaluation?  I nominate Steve Chervitz, since he brings the benefit
Nat> of historical perspective to this undertaking.

>>>>> "Steve C" == Steve Chervitz <sac at bioperl.org> writes:

Steve C> I'd be very happy to help out here, but it might make sense to
Steve C> have a few co-leaders, since Bioperl is so big and hairy. Perhaps
Steve C> one person could lead the technical code review, another for
Steve C> user-centric review (docs, demo scripts, website, tutorial)?

Makes sense to me.  It would certainly be a tall order for one person to
review all aspects of bioperl.  I'd be happy to help out with such a
review in whatever way I can.  It might make the most sense for me to
take on the user-centric portion.  However, before investing a lot of
time and effort in this, I'd like there to be a general consensus (as
well as to have a little better idea myself) on:
  - the exact goals for such a review, and how the results would be
  - how the review should be structured: module by module, by broader
    funtional areas, something else?
  - how the results of the review should be captured.  Steve suggested
    wiki.  I have no experience with that personally, but I'm happy to

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