[Bioperl-l] RE: BioPAN

Nathan (Nat) Goodman natg at shore.net
Sun Jun 22 12:28:01 EDT 2003

Hi Heikki

> BioPan! Great idea! You'll get all the support you need from me.


> First to do is to check the feasibility of having our own CPAN server
> copy.

I'll make some inquiries.  Does anyone have a suggestion of a person I could
contact there?

An alternative would be to stay within CPAN but have a special section with
the module list.  We could have our own site, BioCPAN or BioPAN, that just
directs people to the correct section of CPAN.

> I suppose it would make sense to start using the CPAN bugtracking
>  system, http://rt.cpan.org/ ?

You're using bugzilla now, yes?  Are people unhappy with it?  If we stay
within CPAN, I believe CPAN will do bugtracking for us, so that may force
the issue.

> Also, ExtUtils::MakeMaker based makefiles are quite difficult to
> maintain and we should try to  start using Module::Build.
> http://www.perl.com/pub/a/2003/02/12/module1.html

Sounds like a good idea, but I think it's a separate issue.  You might want
to do this even if you decide not to do the BioPAN thing.

To summarize: I'll start a conversation with the CPAN people about either
running our own PAN or having a special section of the standard one.  I will
not look into bug tracking or Module::Build at this time, leaving these for
a later time or someone else.


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