[Bioperl-l] SignalP bug in predict_protein_features?

david.vilanova at urbanet.ch david.vilanova at urbanet.ch
Wed Jul 2 16:14:01 EDT 2003

I was checking the Bio::Tools::Run::Signalp module and saw that in the code (in 
the predict_protein_features) there are 2 different sizes for the subseq 
depending on weather a sequence is passed or a file.
I guess the size should be the same right (meaning 40 or 50) ?

       if ($seq->length>50){
         my $sub_seq = $seq->subseq(1, 50);

while ( my $tmpseq = $in->next_seq() ) {
               my $sub_seq = $tmpseq->subseq(1,40);

               $infile1 = $self->_writeSeqFile($tmpseq);  

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