[Bioperl-l] Yet another problem, with Bio::Graphics

boileau at essi.fr boileau@essi.fr
Fri Jan 24 13:47:56 EST 2003

With the code below, I have the following error :

Can't locate object method "start" via package "Bio::Seq" at
/usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.0/Bio/Graphics/Panel.pm line 45,<DATA> line 141.

When I change the type of the SeqFactory, the error is different (the
package is "Bio::PrimarySeq" instead of "Bio::Seq" when I leave the type
unchanged), but since the code is the same as the one in the
documentation, I don't understand the problem...Forgot to say, the object $hit is "good"
Thanks for your help !

William Boileau

@hsps = $hit->hsps();

my $factory = new Bio::Seq::SeqFactory(-type => 'Bio::Seq');

foreach my $hsp(@hsps) {
  $query_string = $hsp->query_string;
  $seq = $factory->create(-seq => $query_string,
			    -id  => 'name');

 my $panel = Bio::Graphics::Panel->new(
 				      -segment   => $seq,
 				      -key_style => 'between',
 				      -width     => 800,
 				      -pad_left  => 10,
 				      -pad_right => 10,
				       -start => 1,

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