[Bioperl-l] version of CPAN bundle?

Chris Dagdigian dag@sonsorol.org
Tue, 19 Mar 2002 10:02:54 -0500

Hi Fernan,

Bundle::BioPerl does not install BioPerl, it tries to install all or 
most of the various CPAN resident modules that BioPerl uses. Think of it 
as a helper module that some people use before doing the main bioperl 

I make this clear in the pod-documentation in the BioPerl.pm module 
itself but looks like the into needs to get into the README file as well.

Ewan will be uploading (or already has) the BioPerl-1.0.tar.gz file to 
CPAN. It just takes about 24 hours for it to get processed and pushed 
out to all the mirrors.


Fernan Aguero wrote:

> While searching for the 1.0 release on CPAN I found none.
> However I was intrigued by a 'Bundle-Bioperl-2.01' entry.
> According to CPAN (see http://search.cpan.org/recent),
> Bundle-Bioperl-2.01 was uploaded on March, 17th, 2002
> So I assume it contains the 1.0 release, right?
> The README for the bundle says nothing about the contained bioperl
> version ... 
> http://search.cpan.org/doc/CRAFFI/Bundle-BioPerl-2.01/README
> Fernan