[Bioperl-l] StandAloneBlast crashing due to "too many open files"

Michael Muratet michael.muratet@invitrogen.com
Thu, 07 Mar 2002 10:06:46 -0600


Using bioperl 5.6.0 to compare a list of clones against itself for 
reduncancy. After checking fifteen-hundred or so, the following 
exception occurs:

------------- EXCEPTION  -------------
MSG: Could not open tempfile /tmp/mmuratet.4487.4491: Too many open files

STACK Bio::Root::IO::tempfile 
STACK Bio::Tools::Run::StandAloneBlast::new 
STACK toplevel ./alignAll.pl:29

Watching /tmp while the program runs doesn't show a lot of files 
building up so I assume the delete on exit part of IO.pm is working OK. 
Adding `rm /tmp/mmuratet*` (the root name of the temp files) doesn't 
help either.

Anybody have any ideas where to look?