[Bioperl-l] How to check mRNA moltype?

Hong Lu honglu69@altavista.com
17 Oct 2001 10:52:48 -0700

For my project, it is quite important to weed out those unwanted gonomic DNA genbank record and only keep mRNA/cDNA sequences. Right now I have to grep the genbank record first line to do that. I hope bioperl can do this more effectively.

Henry Lu
Epigenesis Pharmaceuticals

On Wed, 17 October 2001, Mark Wilkinson wrote:

> This could be part of the post-processing of SeqI modules that I am planning to
> put some serious effort into starting next month.
> I hadn't considered this as a problem (given that a transcript ~= mRNA, with
> just a small amount of character translation), but if it is important to some
> people there is no reason why the Bio::SemanticFeatureInterpreter::Interface's
> couldn't include an option to make "real" mRNA molecules, rather than what are
> effectively cDNA's.
> Mark

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