[Bioperl-l] patch for Bio::SeqIO:embl.pm - read/write 'secondary accession nu mbers'

Malcolm Cook mcook@dna.com
Thu, 11 Oct 2001 11:15:50 -0700


I see your name as the keeper of Bio::SeqIO::embl.pm.  Can you vet my
changes for me and incorporate them as appropriate?

As far as I can tell, Bio::SeqIO::embl.pm was not parsing the AC line for
semi-colon separated 'secondary accession numbers' as provided for by

The attached copy of embl.pm,v 1.31 taken from bioperl-live has edits made
by me to accomodate them.  I've marked them in the code with 'mec' for easy

The code now assumes that the first \S+ on the first AC line encountered in
the sequece is the primary.  All others, whether on the same AC line or one
of the subsequent AC lines (also provided for) are considered 'secondary'.
I'm not sure this is the correct interpretation of the spec (above).  


-Malcolm Cook