[Bioperl-l] bug #952

Jason Stajich jason@chg.mc.duke.edu
Fri, 27 Apr 2001 07:15:40 -0400 (EDT)

Hmm, either gin&tonics or the subsequent slow day (thanks Ewan ;) must
make me see problems more clearly...

I've checked in a fix to Bio::SeqIO::FTHelper which parses remote
locations properly (bug #952), please check out bioperl-live head and give
it a whirl on your favorite accessions that are problematics.  Elia, can
we try and do another full EMBL parse when you get back? or perhaps a
subset of the cases that failed?  Added test case to t/SeqIO.t to catch
the reported bug.  If this is indeed a good fix - Heikki you'll need to
make sure machine where embl dbfetch is running gets these changes applied
to Bio::SeqIO::FTHelper.


Jason Stajich
Center for Human Genetics
Duke University Medical Center