[Bioperl-l] ?? MOBY-DIC Meeting in Saskatchewan

Mark Wilkinson mwilkinson@gene.pbi.nrc.ca
Thu, 05 Apr 2001 13:49:37 -0600

Hilmar Lapp wrote:

> You mean PBI would be paying a fishing and hiking excursion in
> Saskatchewan for some folks from across the world? :-)) Sounds
> interesting. Bear sightings guaranteed? :)

I have never seen a bear in my life!  You're probably better off going to
Alberta for that, though I grew up in Alberta and never saw one there

 You will likely see lots of white-tailed deer (which was just announced as
our official provincial animal) and gophers (which came in a close
second)....  (by the way, Curling was just announced as our official
provincial sport... aren't we an exciting bunch!! )

I have already priced out the basic costs of the meeting - it comes to ~ $35
US per head per day including food, lodging, and meeting facilities.  Add a
bit if we want some sort of fancy banquet.  At that price, you can hardly
complain :-)   Let's hear it for a strong American dollar!

If you can get here, we'll take care of finding the fish!

As Dave said, what we have in mind is a small gathering of "those interested"
- about 15 to 20 - for a two day round-table hashing out of issues related to
getting all of our databases/viewers talking to each other and sharing as much
'deep' annotation as possible.  Our personal interest is (of course) in
getting Workbench to be a more generic genome database viewer... and my brief
meeting with some of the Apollo developers led me to believe that they are
also moving in this direction (I hope you Apollo guys can attend en masse!).

One or two coders from each of the main genome database projects would be
ideal, I think.

It is still at a point where we are 'testing the waters' for interest.  The
date is not fixed, but it would most likely be in the first or second weekend
of September.

Can I take a straw poll on how many would want to attend such a meeting (and
comments on its usefulness)?



P.S.  MOBY-DIC:  Model Organism Bring Your-own Database Interface Conference

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