Bioperl: off topic Beowulf question

Keith Allen
Fri, 03 Mar 2000 15:51:37 -0500

Hey folks,

    sorry to wade in with an off topic question, but I know this stuff
central to what a lot of you think about, at least from time to time.
considering putting together a Beowulf cluster as a dedicated Blast
but we'd really like to talk to someone who's already done this to find
what's worked well and what hasn't.  Specifically we need to know how
people are handling job scheduling and load balancing, what sort of
measures were needed to compile Blast for the cluster, and any other
tidbits anyone might have to share.

We're planning to put NCBI Blast on this server, but we're very
to know if there are folks who think WU-Blast is better suited.


                                        -Keith Allen
                                        Bioinformatics Scientist
                                        Paradigm Genetics
                                        RTP, NC

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