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Sat, 29 Jul 2000 01:03:05 -0700

Hi Lorenz:

A modest suggestion:

How about using the Mac program "DNA Strider" as a model for GUI
functionality?  It is one of the oldest and most useful sequence
manipulation programs, still used in many labs after years.  I'm sure most
of its functions seem trivial to most command-line Un*x folks but the
interface was clean and usable, and many Molbio folks raised on Macs (poor
souls ;)) would appreciate something to ease the lab transition to Un*x.

David Shivak
AGY Therapeutics
South San Francisco, CA

At 09:22 AM 7/24/00 the thread continued thusly:
>There used to be a BioTk from upenn (David Searls), which
>disappeared/converged  (BioWidgets for Java ?) ..may be reviving that using
>perlTk or likes and adding more functionality to it.
> ..I know few apps based/rely on it like Genotator [Nomi Harris] which is
>perl based and includes some annotation features i.e it includes a perlTk
>port of BioTk
>I would be neat to see a UI component to BioPerl.
>At 09:10 PM 7/23/2000 +0200, you wrote:
>>A sequence annotation software tool.
>>						ral.			
>>On Sat, 22 Jul 2000, Lorenz Pollak wrote:
>>> no response...
>>> no ideas ?!? :-)
>>> come on. i can't believe there's nothing in bioperl that
>>> you would like to have a neat graphical user interface
>>> wrapped around... just tell me what and i start coding!
>>> ;)
>>> kind regards,
>>> lorenz
>>> (sorry for my impatience)
>>> On Thu, 20 Jul 2000, Lorenz Pollak wrote:
>>> > hi to everyone again!
>>> > 
>>> > the next thing i would like to do for bioperl is coding a
>>> > nice sample program with an even nicer gui :-)
>>> > (i thought about using gtk-perl)
>>> > 
>>> > but as i am rather new to the bioinformatics field 
>>> > (basicly learning by doing :-) ) i'm asking you for 
>>> > suggestions what this program could do and what 
>>> > samples are needed to be done at the moment...
>>> > 
>>> > thanks for every idea,
>>> > lorenz
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