[Biojava-l] Re: Speed TranslatedSequenceRenderer

Maximilian Haeussler max_dipl at web.de
Mon Apr 12 19:23:04 EDT 2004

Oups, this didn't make it to the list two weeks ago...

> I can support David's and Keith's opinion: Using 12 
> FeatureBeadRenderers (each having 2 filters attached), 6 
> symbolrenderers and
> 6 rulerrenderers and the Labelledsequencerenderers (a set that fits 
> nicely on a 800x600 screen) and on my 1ghz-machine it is so slow that 
> my program has become nearly "unscrollable"...  (I might have missed 
> some options to speed it up)
> I am wondering where the speed difference comes from. The 
> SequencePanel is not rendering anything that is off-screen, right? 
> Just like the Translated one...

 > Kalle Naslund wrote:

>> I dont know if he has fixed issue number 1 aswell, but i will try to 
>> take a look
>> at that later on today, and see if i can see the rendering errors 
>> with the CVS
>> version of SequencePanel. 
I am using the CVS version from yesterday.


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