[Biojava-l] LabelledSequenceRenderer: OutofBounds exception on window resize

Maximilian Haeussler max_dipl at web.de
Mon Apr 12 19:17:48 EDT 2004

Hi everyone,

when I modify BeadDemo and wrap a LabelledSequenceRenderer around the 
MultiLineRenderer, a lot of
    "java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: max must exceed min: min=1, 
keep showing on the console, as soon as I resize the window. I don't 
know how to debug this as it is executed by paint and
I don't have an idea neither which bounds are meant nor why this occurs 
only on a window resize... I appreciate any ideas, as my own programs 
throws these exceptions all the time in the LabelledSequenceRenderer.

BTW: Recently, there was discussion here about the speed difference 
between TranslatedSequencePanel and its SequencePanel-counterpart.
Any new results?


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