[Biojava-l] Paper

Hoai Sang James Truong jamest at cse.unsw.edu.au
Mon Oct 27 03:15:27 EST 2003

 Hi Guys,

  I'm seeking out the paper below for which I don't have access to. I
  hope this doesn't seem unusual, but if someone has a copy of this
  paper would they consider forwarding it to me.

  I'm trying to compile a report on biojava as part of a bioinformatics

  in any case,
  kind regards


  ps. think back to when you were a student... =)

Source ACM SIGBIO Newsletter archive
Volume 20 ,  Issue 2  (August 2000) table of contents

Pages: 10 - 12
Year of Publication: 2000
Authors  Matthew Pocock
Thomas Down
Tim Hubbard

Publisher ACM Press   New York, NY, USA

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