[Biojava-l] (no subject)

Hoai Sang James Truong jamest at cse.unsw.edu.au
Mon Oct 20 08:35:51 EDT 2003


  my name is James. I'm a 3rd year bioinformatics student studying
  at UNSW.

  I'm in a team of 3, and together we are researching biojava, it's
  history, current state and so forth. I'm finding though there is
  an absense of formal commentary on biojava.

  So I was wondering, how one might find out more about biojava. We
  are hoping to understand biojava from the inside. We also hope to
  make use of it, and ultimately, as naive as it may seem, contribute
  to the open source project if possible.

  Any comments or feed back is welcome, and would be greatly

  kind regards,


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