[Biojava-l] Does EnsemblGenericSeqFeatureSource limit the size of the POST request?

cullepm3 registrations cullepm3_registrations at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 28 11:03:59 EST 2003

Do either of the classes AbstractGenericSeqFeatureSource or 
EnsemblGenericSeqFeatureSource limit the size of the POST request?

We are using the Ensembl Web Application and Dazzle (with the above classes) 
to display our annotations.  We modified the Ensembl Perl classes to 
generate feature tracks for the entire chromosome (rather than images 
limited to 2Mbs).  This worked with ensemble 4_28 but does not seem to work 
since upgrading to 9_30.

Requests to the DAS server time-out.  Through testing, I have determined 
that the problem is independent of the number of features being returned.

I supsect the problem is related to the size of the POST request.  When 
requesting features from chromosome 1, the Ensembl Perl code builds a das 
request with over 2500 segments.  Can the ensembl-das classes above handle 

If there is a more appropriate list for this question, please refer me to 


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