[Biojava-l] CVS

Ren, Zhen zren@amylin.com
Fri, 25 Oct 2002 11:35:42 -0700

Hi, there,

Mark Schreiber recommended me looking into using cvs to access the biojava-live distribution to keep up to date with future bug fixes.  (Thanks, Mark!)  The instructions can be found at http://cvs.biojava.org/ web site.  However, I stuck at very end, i.e., when I typed "cvs update" command, I got this message:

C:\>cvs update
cvs update: No CVSROOT specified!  Please use the `-d' option
cvs [update aborted]: or set the CVSROOT environment variable.

Can someone help give a direction to finish this update please?  Thanks a lot.