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Martin Sterman msterman@exceloncorp.com
Wed, 24 Jan 2001 09:27:54 -0500


I am new to the BioJava list, so not sure what the current state
of microarray expression data is, but assuming there are possibilities
here, I have interest in contributing.

A bit about myself, I have an MS in Biochemical Engineering and worked
several years for Genzyme Corp.  I have since migrated toward
software development, finishing a Certificate in Computer Science
from U Mass (a compressed BS in Comp Sc) and am now working
for a software company called eXcelon Corp.

I am particularly interested in utilizing XML data format and tools.
eXcelon makes a proprietary XML data server ("Portal Server")
but we adhere to all W3C standards.  I may utilize our products
during development, but all code will adhere to vendor neutral

Is there publically available data?  What is the current format?
What is your thinking of the needs in this area?

Martin Sterman
eXcelon Corp.

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> BioJava is doing a great job in representing and processing sequence data.
> How about microarray expression data? Is there anyone actively involved in
> this area? Who should I talk to for potential contribution in this
> sub-project?
> Thanks.
> Yihua Zhou, Ph.D.
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> Monsanto Company
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