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Scott Markel smarkel@netgenics.com
Tue, 23 Jan 2001 10:05:09 -0800

"ZHOU, YIHUA [FND/1000]" wrote:
> BioJava is doing a great job in representing and processing sequence data.
> How about microarray expression data? Is there anyone actively involved in
> this area? Who should I talk to for potential contribution in this
> sub-project?

There's an ongoing effort at the Object Management Group to develop
standard interfaces and XML DTDs/schemas for microarray expression data.
The participants are EBI (representing MGED: http://www.mged.org),
NetGenics, and Rosetta (representing GEML: http://www.geml.org).
Agilent is a supporter.  Charles Troup (Agilent) has done a great job of
leading the evaluation effort.  The evaluation document is


You can get copies of the initial submissions and the RFP at


There are a few more related links at


The good news is that the GEML, MGED, and OMG communities are working
together to solve this problem.


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