[Biojava-l] Re: New snapshot

Michael L. Heuer heuermh@shore.net
Thu, 27 Jul 2000 18:34:01 -0400 (EDT)

Thomas Down wrote:

> I've put new source, binary, and documentation snapshots
> on the FTP site, all based on this morning's CVS tree.
> I've also updated the JavaDoc linked from the main page
> to match the latest on the FTP site.  We've improved the
> JavaDoc for the core packages quite significantly over the
> last month, so hopefully this will be a little more welcoming
> than it was before.
> We still don't have a confirmed date for the 1.0 release,
> but it is coming soon.  I guess that makes today's snapshots
> a kind of `pre-1.0'.  Any core changes between now and the
> release are likely to be bug fixes or documentation updates.
> For those not already using a recent CVS version, please
> give these snapshots a test.

Since we are readily approaching the 1.0 release date, I would suggest we
outline a plan for precisely what needs to be done (on more of the project
management side of things - the code is coming together nicely) before the
1.0 release.

0.  prepare for a code freeze (everyone makes sure their changes are
checked in by a certain date)

1.  create a cvs branch tag flagging what we intend to release 
('release-candidate-1.0' or something similar)

2.  everyone pounds the code (and proofreads the docs) as hard as possible
to make certain we won't need to quickly release a version 1.0.1  ;)

Code fixes are checked into the 'release-candidate-1.0' branch

3.  solidify the build process, working with the 'release-candidate-1.0'

4.  when everyone gives the thumbs-up on the branch build, the changes are
merged back into the main branch

5.  a new branch tag 'release-1.0' is created, builds are made, the ftp
site & web pages are updated, and announcement emails are sent to
interested parties

6.  new development continues on the main branch, while bug fixes are made
on the 'release-1.0' branch

btw,  I am volunteering to produce a full set of UML diagrams for the 1.0
release.  I use RationalRose (which is a rather expensive commercial
product, unfortunately), so I'm looking to the list to let me know what
the best format for distribution is (Rose format (which is ascii-based),
gif, jpeg, png ??).

I might have the patience to reproduce the diagrams in ArgoUML (an
open-source UML editor) if there's a lot of demand.

I may also volunteer to manage the repository through this process if no
one else is comfortable.  ;)