[Biojava-l] 1.0 when?

Matthew Pocock mrp@sanger.ac.uk
Fri, 14 Jul 2000 12:59:11 +0100

Gerald Loeffler wrote:

> Matthew Pocock wrote:
> > Do you have a feature? It is too late for any architectural changes
> > (like please could I have an object model for gene-networks). I will
> > call a halt once the sequenceDB discussion has been resolved.
> it's just the "old" interfaces for sequence similarity searches, which
> in my understanding we agreed upon, but which i haven't checked in yet.
> Another thing is an implementation of these interfaces: i once submitted
> a half-working solution to the list, then simon submitted a
> to-be-improved version of his SAX-based BLAST-parser - and i think we
> agreed that we want an implementation of my interfaces that uses his
> parser under the hood. This is however not done yet.
> This all suggests to me that 1.0 will contain an object model for
> sequence similarity searches (the interfaces) but no implementation for
> that. Which is probably not useless...

You can check in the interfaces now. Check in any simple-stupid
implementations of the objects that you have that don't requre parsers, and
can be used by a 3rd party. If blast-parsing appears b4 1.0, then you could
check in any working sax consumer you may have. Better in than out.