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Eddie Kawas kawas at dev.open-bio.org
Fri May 9 20:54:31 UTC 2008

Fri May  9 16:54:31 EDT 2008
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moby-live/Perl/MOSES-MOBY README,1.4,1.5
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diff -u -r1.4 -r1.5
--- /home/repository/moby/moby-live/Perl/MOSES-MOBY/README	2008/04/29 20:09:35	1.4
+++ /home/repository/moby/moby-live/Perl/MOSES-MOBY/README	2008/05/09 20:54:31	1.5
@@ -1,17 +1,18 @@
-MOSES-MOBY version .84
+MOSES-MOBY version .85
-Perl Moses is a generator of Perl code - but this 
-code does not need to be always stored in files, 
-it can be generated on-the-fly every time a 
-service is called. Also, there are up to four 
-things to be generated: objects representing
-BioMoby data types, classes establishing bases 
-for services, empty (but working) service
-implementation modules, and cgi-bin scripts,
-the entry points to BioMoby services.
+Perl MoSeS is a generator of Perl based BioMOBY
+web services (SOAP & CGI based). This module
+will hopefully help all those service providers
+that have something to offer, but don't want to
+get overwhelmed by the BioMOBY services protocol.
+Perl MoSeS takes care of all data marshalling and
+un-marshalling, web service transporting, and much
+more, leaving the service provider the sole task 
+of providing the business logic for their service.

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