[EMBOSS] Mistake in Appdoc Edialign?

Wolfgang Gruber wo.granon at gmail.com
Wed Feb 2 19:02:46 UTC 2011


I studied the papers for DIALIGN and only in the newest Version
DIALIGN-TX (Subramanian u. a., 2008) I can find the information that
DIALIGN uses a guide tree. In the appdoc to edialign I read that
emboss uses DIALIGN2. In this Publikation (Morgenstern, 1999) I cannot
find an information that a guide tree is used. Also in the original
DIALIGN2 documentation I read: "This tree is constructed by applying
the UPGMA clustering method to the DIALIGN similarity scores." but
nothing that this tree is used for guiding.

So is this information in the emboss appdoc incorrect?

At all: is there a plan to update to DIALIGN-TX?


Morgenstern, B.: DIALIGN 2: improvement of the segment-to-segment
approach to multiple sequence alignment. In: Bioinformatics (Oxford,
England) Bd. 15 (1999), Nr. 3, S. 211-218.  – PMID: 10222408
Subramanian, A. ; Kaufmann, M. ; Morgenstern, B.: DIALIGN-TX: greedy
and progressive approaches for segment-based multiple sequence
alignment. In: Algorithms for Molecular Biology Bd. 3 (2008), Nr. 1,
S. 6

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