[EMBOSS] Authenticated Jemboss Server and .embossrc

john walshaw (JIC) john.walshaw at bbsrc.ac.uk
Tue Aug 24 19:52:09 UTC 2010


should a user's own EMBOSS configuration in ~/.embossrc be picked up by an Authenticated Jemboss Server running on the same host?

I'm having problems with this - i.e. some private databases defined in ~/.embossrc work fine from the command-line. The auth Jemboss Server also seems to work fine, as far as using a Jemboss client on a PC to log in and access (with read/write) remote files on the server host is concerned. I was expecting this to mean that the logged-in user's .embossrc would also be read, but it doesn't seem to happen as for example showdb doesn't list those databases, and nothing can access any sequence records from them.

This is using EMBOSS 6.0.1/Jemboss 1.5. Can you help?

best wishes,

John Walshaw

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