[EMBOSS] retrieving entries from public database

Hanquan Liang hliang at ksu.edu
Sun Aug 8 18:02:27 UTC 2010

Hi everyone,

I'm new to EMBOSS.
After installing EMBOSS 6.10 in my ubuntu 10.04, 'showdb' showed no
database.  So I renamed 'emboss.default.template' to 'emboss.default',
and then a few test databases (coming with EMBOSS package, I assume)
were listed.  But still no accession to online database.  I know that
I can download and make a local one, but that will take up a lot of
space while just a small part of the entries are needed.

In 'emboss.default' I tried to add databases, but the user document of
EMBOSS is so out-of-date that I cannot follow it.  After several hours
of searching and testing, I gave up and decided to come here for help.
 How do you guys use EMBOSS to access online public database?  Can any
one show me some of the lines in your 'emboss.default'?

H. Liang

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