[EMBOSS] meaning of "(Reversed)" in diffseq?

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Thanks, Andres, but I don't think that explains it.  The label "(Reversed)" only appears for selected output lines in the diffseq report.  The documentation you cited just states that the reverse ordering of the lines always occurs in the report.


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I extracted this from the EMBOSS documentation, perhaps it'll help you (specially the las paragraph):
Each report consists of 4 or more lines.

 *   The first line has the name of the first sequence followed by the start and end positions of the mismatched region in that sequence, followed by the length of the mismatched region. If the mismatched region is of zero length in this sequence, then only the position of the last matching base before the mismatch is given.
 *   If a feature of the first sequence overlaps with this mismatch region, then one or more lines starting with 'Feature:' comes next with the type, position and tag field of the feature.
 *   Next is a line starting "Sequence:" giving the sequence of the mismatch in the first sequence.

This is followed by the equivalent information for the second sequence, but in the reverse order, namely 'Sequence:' line, 'Feature:' lines and line giving the position of the mismatch in the second sequence.[...]"

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I ran  diffseq on 2  FASTA-formatted DNA sequence files on my local installation of EMBOSS, and I have entries in the .diffseq output file labeled as "(Reversed)".  Looking at both sequences in an editor, neither of these sequence segments is reversed (the "Sequence" string in the diffseq file matches the original FASTA file).  Does anyone know what is meant by this?  I'm analyzing the EMBOSS source code, and it looks as though it's related to a strand feature.  That's puzzling me, because my local installation has no databases installed, and it seems that this kind of information wouldn't be embedded in the FASTA file.  How does diffseq determine this strand information, and how should I interpret it?


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