[EMBOSS] meaning of "(Reversed)" in diffseq?

Francoeur, Joseph A. jfrancoe at mitre.org
Wed Mar 25 20:47:20 UTC 2009


I ran  diffseq on 2  FASTA-formatted DNA sequence files on my local installation of EMBOSS, and I have entries in the .diffseq output file labeled as "(Reversed)".  Looking at both sequences in an editor, neither of these sequence segments is reversed (the "Sequence" string in the diffseq file matches the original FASTA file).  Does anyone know what is meant by this?  I'm analyzing the EMBOSS source code, and it looks as though it's related to a strand feature.  That's puzzling me, because my local installation has no databases installed, and it seems that this kind of information wouldn't be embedded in the FASTA file.  How does diffseq determine this strand information, and how should I interpret it?


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