[EMBOSS] epestfind

Mark Miller mmiller at sdsc.edu
Mon Mar 9 15:33:31 UTC 2009

Hi all,

I am implementing epestfind for my users.
I am having trouble making  some of the flags work, 
and wonder if they are vestigial: persisting in the manual but no longer
in the code. I looked in the changelog, but don't see anything relevant.


1. I cannot find a way to make the sequence modifier -snucleotide1 work.
Does the program really accept DNA sequences as input? (I don't see this
option in other online portals)

2. for the graph labels, the "subtitle" flag places subtitle text
strings in postscript and png files, but the others (xtitle, ytitle, and
gtitle) do not. (I see this behavior in other online portals as well:
the entry form is there, but it does not produce the promised result).

Any advice most appreciated....


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