[EMBOSS] sequence retrieval

Jay jboddu at uiuc.edu
Tue Jun 10 20:15:35 UTC 2008

I tried seqret in different ways.
My problem is EMBOSS is not recognizing my master sequence file (which is in
fasta form) as my private database. Even after I did the indexing using
When seqret is asking me to input sequence(s), I am not able to figure out
what exactly it accepts.
I tried dbname:ID, dbname:@listfile.
I also tried a crude way of copy pasting my master file and listfile in
"embl" folder in EMBOSSwin folder and try the same syntax (embl:ID,
embl:@listfile etc.
These did not work.
I am assuming that my master file is not being recognized as a private DB.
I wanted to define my database in .embossrc file. I could not figure this
out either.

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Dear Jay,

Are you simply trying to extract specific sequences from a Fasta-format
file? The EMBOSS program to do it is seqret, or maybe seqretsplit:



As Peter Rice suggests, you can do stuff to speed the access up, but
it'll work without that.

Best regards,


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