[EMBOSS] X-dependency optional?

Niels Larsen niels at genomics.dk
Thu Jul 17 20:12:54 UTC 2008

Dear Alan,

Yes, the first couple of systems I tried on (an old Mandrake 2005
and Ubuntu 6.06) failed with the --without-x option. I might try
including all libx-dev variants, or if that turns out difficult
wait for your configuration update (such update is not critical
for me at present, but I will be happy whenever its there.)

Niels L

ajb at ebi.ac.uk wrote:
> Dear Nils,
> It can be tricky to remove that dependency. The configuration
> switch --without-x works on some systems. The FAQ mentions
> the problem briefly
> Q) I have a Linux system and compilation ends prematurely saying that
>    it can't find the -lX11 libraries ... but I know I have X11
>    installed.
> A) You may well have the X11 server installed but you haven't installed
>    the X11 development files. For example, on RPM distributions, you need
>    to install:
>      xorg-x11-devel           (xorg-based X11 distros) or
>      XFree86-devel            (XFree86-based X11 distros)
> It could do with updating to reflect the package name in Debian-based
> distros and the new name for xorg-based distros. It does give a
> hint though. The books we're writing (1st proof stage) certainly give
> more information - the web pages will soon be updated using the material
> from the latter.
> I intend revisiting that area of configuration at some stage.
> Alan

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