[EMBOSS] EmbossExplorer : problem to install

david.bauer at bayerhealthcare.com david.bauer at bayerhealthcare.com
Thu Feb 28 09:01:50 UTC 2008

Hi Johanne,

emboss-bounces at lists.open-bio.org schrieb am 26/02/2008 20:52:13:

> The requested URL /cgi-bin/emboss/intro was not found on this server
> when I tried to access the site.
> /cgi-bin/emboss/intro is not there for sure as you could see below 
> where I have put the installation process and the file created.

I have no idea what this means. According to what you specified during 
installtion there should be a start script "emboss" in 
So the starting url would be

> I need to collect some information in order to install EMBOSS Explorer:
> ./install: embossversion: not found
> -e Where was EMBOSS installed?
>         (default is /usr/local)
> /home/sasircm/emboss/EMBOSS5bin/

It looks like this is the directory just with the binaries and with non 
standard name. So this could cause problems.
Check all the path variables defined in 
and adjust them according to you directory structure of the emboss 

Hope this helps,

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