[EMBOSS] Is a backport of emboss 5.0 to debian etch avalable?

Gates, Michael (NIH/NINDS) [F] gatesmi at ninds.nih.gov
Thu Nov 29 21:59:14 UTC 2007


I noticed in October there was a discussion of adding Emboss to backports for debian etch. Searching for emboss there did not yield any results. Has this in fact happened? If not, to whom can I plead to for it to happen?  Is there -somewhere- a binary of emboss packaged the "debian way" for etch?

Sadly "upgrading" to lenny/testing (where EMBOSS does exist) instead caused problems with R/Cran (or at least R interacting with Tcl/Tk). And for those of us whose bioinformatics consists of mainly of R and Emboss, this is .... a painful state of affairs. Alas.

Or do I hear the gentle calls of "./configure make make install" in my near future? 

Michael Gates

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