[EMBOSS] Vienna 1.6.5

Peter Rice pmr at ebi.ac.uk
Thu Nov 29 08:15:58 UTC 2007

Ryan Golhar wrote:
> Vienna 1.6.5 has been released.  Right now, EMBOSS 5 uses 1.6.4.  There 
> are any plans on upgrading EMBOSS to use 1.6.5?
> Is all the needs to be done is updating the ACD files?

There will be more ... we modified the code for Vienna to cope with the 
RNA sequence/structure files.

We would like to update Vienna ... I'll leave it up to Alan to take a look.

Meanwhile, I am working through updating phylip to the latest release. A 
lot of minor code changes to check through, but whould be there in the 
next EMBOSS release.

We changed out strategy for EMBASSY integration to work more with ACD 
files and simple wrapper applications - specifically to make updaing easier.



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