[EMBOSS] protein sequence for individual species

Bryan Gibbon bgibbon at email.arizona.edu
Wed Sep 6 15:09:51 UTC 2006

This can be easily done from Entrez


Just use the organism qualifier in the search command. For example to fetch
the sequences for my favorite just enter the command "Zea mays [orgn]". Then
to download the results change the display to the format you want (genbank,
fasta etc.) and use the Send to... File menu command to download the
sequences. For large data sets this can take a while but it is easy.

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    Is there a place I can download protein sequence file for individual
(such as human, yeast, etc)? or is there a program can parse the big
sequence file
into small ones for individual species?

     Sorry for so many questin. I am new to bioinformatics.

     Thanks so much for you guys' help!



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