[EMBOSS] dbifasta

Johannes Breu jbreu at mpipsykl.mpg.de
Mon Oct 30 19:38:10 UTC 2006

while trying to index my database (its mouse_ensembl_cdna and so is the
name) I always get the following error message:

$ dbifasta
Database indexing for fasta file databases
Database name: cdna
    simple : >ID
     idacc : >ID ACC
     gcgid : >db:ID
  gcgidacc : >db:ID ACC
      dbid : >db ID
      ncbi : | formats
ID line format [idacc]: simple
Database directory [.]: /data/cdna
Wildcard database filename [*.dat]: cdna
Release number [0.0]:
Index date [00/00/00]:
General log output file [outfile.dbifasta]: outfile.cdnafasta

   EMBOSS An error in dbifasta.c at line 210:
No files selected

For the case it´s relevant - I am using cygwin. 

Thank you, Johannes 

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