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Dear all,

A few weeks ago I sent a message to the Staden mailing list asking for
support on its interface to EMBOSS. I was given advice on how to get it
kind of working (thanks to Guy Bottu!) but I was also told that due to
the cut of the support for the Staden team, the improved version of spin
(spin2) was not fully developed. Therefore, the Staden interface for
EMBOSS is incomplete.

Here, a number of users are quite afraid of the command line ;-{ so they
would appreciate a graphic interface to EMBOSS. We tried Jemboss first,
but got a number of problems that we couldn't solve (essentially with
some results text files being corrupted). Then, I met with this
interface from the Staden package, and found it very useful, to a
certain extent.

Hence, advised by Guy and Peter Rice, I hereby show our interest :) in
such an interface, which would combine the goodies of two excellent

Thank you very much for your good work.


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