[EMBOSS] Does emboss have a handy way for mutate a protein sequence

Zhiqiang Ye yezhiqiang at gmail.com
Tue Mar 7 16:42:00 UTC 2006

hi, Guy Bottu

    Thank you. But I have to do a batch of these subsitituion, so a
command line solution will be better.  I write an ugly shell script to
do this according to David Bauer.


MT=${mutation: -1}
POS2=`expr $POS - 1`

cat $1 | cutseq -filter -from $POS -to $POS | pasteseq -filter -pos
$POS2 -bs asis:$MT | descseq -filter -append -desc " (mutant:
$mutation )"

With this script mutate.sh in my ~/bin, I can type this:
mutate.sh foo.fasta A2L


Zhiqiang Ye

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