[EMBOSS] Web Interfaces to Emboss Tools - Checked by AntiVir DEMO v

Guy Bottu gbottu at ben.vub.ac.be
Fri Jul 14 08:32:24 UTC 2006

	Dear Andy,

Well, you might consider using wEMBOSS, developed by the Belgian and 
Argentinian EMBnet Nodes (http://wemboss.sourceforge.net/). It works with 
data stored on the server. The data are in a classic UNIX directory, 
so that you can easily let software run on these data in a terminal 
session or use ftp for bulk data transfers, in case you might want to do 
that. wEMBOSS has facilities to upload/download data and manage them in 
different "projects".
On the same site you will also find wrappers4EMBOSS, that allows to 
integrate under the EMBOSS/wEMBOSS interface a number of programs that 
are very useful but lacking in EMBOSS (BLAST, fastA, MUSCLE, a program to 
search the complete PROSITE rather than just the patterns, ...).

As for the recovery of data from SeqWeb, I have no experience with that. 
The related problem of how to use data generated by GCG under EMBOSS is 
simpler : EMBOSS does accept GCG sequence and GCG MSF files, as well as 
GCG codon usage tables. wEMBOSS does include a facility to convert GCG 
List Files into EMBOSS List Files.

	Guy Bottu,
	Belgian EMBnet Node

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