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Carlos Quijano cquijano at iib.uam.es
Mon Oct 17 10:29:30 UTC 2005

El lun, 17-10-2005 a las 08:35 +0700, Chitchai, Hemachudha Mr
USAMC-AFRIMS escribió:
> Hello,
> I'm new to emboss.
> I'd like to know about the performance and benefits between running
> EMBOSS on Unix vs. Windows.

Performance is more related to hardware than operative system. For
example, it is better to use an Athlon 64 dual core and 4Gb RAM with
windows than a 32bit processor with 512Mb RAM and linux.
But in bioinformatics, having the same hardware, using Linux is much
more productive than windows, because of the lack of applications that
are developed on windows with windows APIs and microsonft developing
tools. Normally bioinformatic tools are developed on Linux, with linux
APIs and developing tools and this translates in better performance
under Linux operative system.
The benefits of using Linux are well known, but in the bioinformatics
field it is even more relevant. We use to process huge amounts of data
and we need high performance computing. Moreover, most of the jobs that
we execute in a workstation or a cluster are complicate but using the
command-line can be mostly reduced to less than ten sentences, so we
need a powerfull comand-line interface, and it is a very lack of

Windows is more friendly-use oriented, and then, it is interesting in
the case of visualization and when a powerfull user interface is needed.
But it is not a problem with Linux. I still agree that Linux is a
wonderful field in wich developing new and promising user-interfaces
should be a motivation.

> Thank you.
> ch
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