[EMBOSS] Segmentation fault when doing seqret

Wells, Isabelle isabelle.wells at roche.com
Thu Oct 13 08:46:48 UTC 2005

Are any of the EMBL flat files larger than 2GB? This is a problem when
indexing with dbiflat and was already discussed on this list.

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I'm trying to retrieve a sequence from embl using seqret command but I 
obtain a segmentation fault error:

$> seqret embl:AC005155
Reads and writes (returns) sequences
Segmentation fault

This doesn't happen with every entry in the database. With another 
entries, everything goes well.

I'm using emboss-3.0.0 and EMBL database is indexed using dbiflat.

Does anybody konws what could happen?

Thanks in advance,

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