[EMBOSS] Jemboss server -- Client won't start

Scott Hazelhurst scott at cs.wits.ac.za
Mon Jan 31 19:19:59 UTC 2005

I am trying to set up Jemboss in client-server mode and have been

The current situation is that I think I have set everything up
properly (run error messages anyway).

If I run the runJemboss script on the server machine, everything seems
to be OK.

If I try to run a web client, I get the  following behaviour
-- JWS starts, downloads all the jars, checks certificates,  and seems
-- it asks whether I want to start the application, when I say "Start"
   I get a window that appears, saying "Starting application...." 
   which then doesn't change (at least > 15 mins).

The big problem is that this is all fail-silent so I have no idea of
where in the chain the problem is. Can anyone suggest of places where
I can look to see what the problem is? Any obvious log files  etc.

Many thanks for any help,



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