[EMBOSS] emboss.default

Peter Rice pmr at ebi.ac.uk
Fri Jan 21 13:57:09 UTC 2005

Aengus Stewart wrote:

> I just want to double check something. 
> Can I use more than one file name ie Can I do this? 
> file: est_rod*.dat est_mus*.dat
> in specifying a data library?

Yes. Tested and known to work in 2.9.0 - probably worked in earlier releases, 
but not for all variations.

You can also include everything and use a list for the exclude value.

> Also are there any plans to roll entret and seqret into one 

Tricky. Entret specifically reports the original text. seqret parses it, uses 
it, and reports what it can in the output format.

Yes, seqret shoould parse out and retain more information (no doubt you have 
noticed that the -feat option does retain the feature table). I will take a 
look at how much of EMBL, GenBank and SwissProt formats can be preserved.

But we will still need entret.

> Oh and any news about the new indexing?

To be included as a beta version in the next release.

> Sorry for all the questions but I am knee deep in EMBOSS based stuff at 
> the moment.

Knee deep? I hope that was a compliment :-)


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