[EMBOSS] emma/clustalw PATH problems

Peter Rice pmr at ebi.ac.uk
Thu Aug 18 17:13:04 UTC 2005

Anders Nistér wrote:

> Looking through the manual for emma there is a mention of EMBOSS_CLUSTALW:
>    "cannot find program 'clustalw'" - means that the ClustalW program has
>    not been set up on your site or is not in your environment (i.e. is
>    not on your path). The solutions are to (1) install clustalw in the
>    path so that emma can find it with the command "clustalw", or (2)
>    define a variable (an environment variable of in emboss.defaults or
>    your .embossrc file) called EMBOSS_CLUSTALW containing the command
>    (program name or full path) to run clustalw if you have it elsewhere
>    on your system.
> So I'm supposed to be able to specify the full path to clustalw through

> Is the documentation wrong or is this a bug ?

Ouch. It is a bug.

The variable was originally set to allow older or newer versions of clustalw 
to be called. We have not tested programs that are not in the path.

I am sure we can find a workaround for a fully specified path to the program.



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